Tcl VFS integration for Sqlite3

It's a project in its alpha (or pre-alpha) stage.

Problem that I'm trying to solve

Sqlite is a great database engine, especially for embedding into applications. Starkit is a nice technology for Tcl-based application deployment. There is, however, one bad thing about using them together: application packed into a starkit (or other similar container like FreeWrap) has its files in the virtual file system, supported by the Tcl VFS layer. Sqlite doesn't know anything about Tcl VFS layer, and can't work with databases wrapped into a starkit.

It's fixable. It's easy

Sqlite has its own VFS layer, supporting multiple pluggable filesystems at once. It's not entirely the same as the Tcl VFS layer, but for a large subset of file operations, mapping from sqlite VFS method to Tcl API is pretty straightforward.

All I have to do is writing the code forwarding sqlite requests to Tcl filesystem API, using Tcl functions instead of the operating system file management functions.

The code: its status and location

Status overview

Works, as far as I've tested

Not tested but may work

Not done yet, and rather easy to do

Not done and probably impossible

Licence etc.

This code is public domain.

A. Kovalenko, Tue Feb 23 04:04:21 UTC 2010