I am maintaining a friendly fork of SBCL for MS Windows, which is on its way to integration into the mainline. It's a further development of Dmitry Kalyanov's work on multithreading SBCL for Windows. I've added some features beyond mere multi-threading, both essential ones (e.g. interrupts, making SBCL useful with SLIME's multithreaded communication style) and others (e.g. 64-bit Windows port, making possible to use large memory on modern systems within a single SBCL process). Many of these features are described at the project news page in more details.

Payment Methods

Paypal, the most convenient way to donate:

Direct payment with Visa and Mastercard is possible with Payoneer's Card Load Page (min $0.01, max $1000.00).

Credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer and many other alternatives are accepted at Plimus secure order page:

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Yandex.Money: account 41001118069549 can be useful to some people as one more alternative way to make a donation.

Since 29 December 2011, Paypal is accepted. I keep alternative payment methods available, as they still can be convenient for some people. Payoneer and Plimus helped me to sell my software for more than 4 years, without any dissatisfied customers, conflicts or disputes.


Up to Summer 2011, I was able to use a revenue from in-house SBCL-based application development to fund this project. Now I'm relying mostly on your donations, as I continue to provide up-to-date binaries for new SBCL versions, (that is, to track and merge upstream SBCL changes). There are also some plans for future development which could be made possible this way, but I'll avoid making promises for now: let's see if we can support the minimal goal of project survival first.

If you need some hand-holding services, or you have a feature request for SBCL on Windows, feel free to negotiate with me. That could be as useful as a generous donation.

Anton Kovalenko is not affiliated with SBCL development team, or Dmitry Kalyanov, or other parties involved in SBCL development, except by continuous exchange of code and ideas. If you want to support SBCL project as a whole, or some other aspect of it that is outside of my project's scope, I'm not the right person to accept donations for that. Nikodemus Siivola's crowdfunding campaign for SBCL threading improvements could be a good starting point in that case.

Hall of Fame

Some generous people who heeded my call for donations:

$733 donated since my initial request (at 2011-11-29), according to notifications I've received.

I recognize that someone might prefer either more or less information on their donations being published. Until I discover a way to ask for this preference in advance, I had to select some sensible default, which is that:

The list is ordered chronologically.

Project Timeline (Big Picture)

Here is a list of major changes introduced by my commits for more than a year. I tried to avoid going deeply into obscure internals, focusing on externally visible effects; dead ends that were rolled back and continuous, boring tasks are mostly excluded as well.

I'm putting it here as a kind of public report that is also useful to grasp the direction of future project development. Some subjects mentioned below deserve more to be written; therefore, expect some hyperlinks to be added into this section in the future.

Spread the Word

At this stage, your donations and support are very important. However, one thing is even more important for SBCL on Windows: restoring its reputation on that platform.

Since the appearance of Windows port, a huge pile of material accumulated on the Net, pointing at the port's shortcomings, problems, and bugs, up to the point of discommending its use altogether. Many of those problems are already solved by this project, but it can be a long time until it's known widely.

If you have a positive experience with my version of SBCL for Windows, please recommend it to other users: share a link to the project's wiki homepage on github (or to the page you're reading now).

If you found a problem or want a new feature in SBCL for Windows, feel free to share it as well. I recommend to use an appropriate bug tracker for this kind of content to ensure that your future readers will get up-to-date information on fixes and improvements related to the problem: either my issue tracker for SBCL/Windows fork, or the mainline SBCL bugtracker.

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