Control multiple shells simultaneously on Windows.

ClusterSHISH allows you to control multiple ssh sessions from a single input window. It's certainly not a new idea; many UNIX users are accustomed with ClusterSSH, that does almost the same thing on UNIX/X11 environment.

Supported shells

ClusterSHISH works well with console applications, such as OpenSSH for Windows or CMD.EXE or telnet.exe. It also works with PuTTY terminal emulator (in fact, I'm using it with PuTTY most of the time).


Distinctions from ClusterSSH


Here the LICENSE starts: Umm, yes it's free. I certainly want to get a lot of money for this thing, but this desire is not strong enough to pursue some copyright-based business model. Feel free to use, share or reverse-engineer the program as you wish (some software from might be useful for the latter). Here the LICENSE ends.

But I'm still going to get a lot of money for this thing on voluntary basis.

Dear user of ClusterSHISH, please donate any amount you like if you found this software useful. I'm not going to list all possible reasons for doing it, as you know them better.